About Her Craft


Tayme Canencia is an aspiring Photographer and loves capturing every single detail of the world’s beautiful artistry. Through chance, she got her first Nikon DSLR from the fruit of hard-work. Now, she can’t help honing her skills and every light that strikes through her lens greatly boosts her passion in capturing God’s beautiful creation.

“Photography is a wonderful and an inspiring hobby for me. I admire so many good photographers from the past up to today. My aim is not to compete but to learn from them! I crave for adventure while capturing every genuine moment through timeless imagery is something that I will cherish forever. I’ve wanted to refine my simple photography techniques and I truly believe that practice and passion should always be the key!”

Check out my personal blog: Girls Little Hub – Blog by Tayme Canencia


Tayme Canencia

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If you have suggestions and recommendations, feel free to comment below or shoot me an email at tayme.canencia@yahoo.com :)

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